Jeanette Fisher's Design Psychology Report

What Is Design Psychology?

Because of copyright problems with the upcoming book, Joy to the Home, this report is temporally unavailable.

We offer The Power of Home instead. If you join our newsletter service, you will be notified of policy changes.

Although we have tried to answer your questions with this website, there is more to be said about Design Psychology.

Jeanette's report, a PDF 30-page eBook gives an overview on how your environment affects your emotions.

Some of this information comes from her university textbook, Introduction to Design Psychology used in her college course. Other sections from the upcoming Joy to the Home include basics for homemakers.

What Is Design Psychology? Report Abbreviated Contents
One: Design Psychology?
    "Untraditional" Interior Design
   Design Psychology: Based On Science
   Design Psychology and Feng Shui
   Design Psychology and Wabi Sabi
Two: Creating Spaces in Harmony with Your Natural Environment
Three:  Why You Should Design Your Personal Space

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